Announcing the first film programmes of DOK Leipzig 2021

The festival week is approaching fast and you can already look forward to seeing ten film programmes in Leipzig’s cinemas. Once again, we are placing greater emphasis on film history with the showing of a comprehensive „Retrospective that had to be postponed last year.

The “Homage” section of this year’s edition is dedicated to renowned Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi, who also has a family connection to the city. Mograbi's mother fled from Leipzig to Palestine as a child to escape the Nazis. We will also realise the “DEFA Matinee” honouring Kurt Tetzlaff by showing a double feature of his last two DEFA productions. In the “Animation Perspective“ series the two Video and photo artists Claudia Larcher and Randa Maroufi will enter an artistic dialogue with their works.

Meanwhile, the programme “Modular & Modified: Animation and Musique concrète” will explore the interfaces between animation art and music history, and the “Kids DOK” series once again offers exciting discoveries for children and young people.

You can find complete film selection of these sections here.