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Afro-Indigenous: Allyship & Solidarity Onscreen

DOK Industry Podcasts

This conversation explores the many ways in which alliances, solidarities and joint platforms are being formed in Latin America between Indigenous-led film organizations and those led by Afro-descended peoples. In recent years, we have witnessed larger festivals in the region see an influx of works from both communities, as well as Indigenous-led festivals which have chosen to create platforms of visibility for Black Latin Americans. Other initiatives have focused on creating collaborations and co-productions between both communities, whilst others still have focused on empowering Black and Indigenous filmmaking talent together through talent residencies and training programmes. 

In this podcast, the speakers who range from researchers and scholars, to festival programmers, to cultural workers at grass roots film organizations will exchange their expertise, experiences and perspectives in order to shed light on these collaborations, paying close attention to the current context of paradigm upheaval as well as the historical premises and future of such Afro-Indigenous allyship in Turtle Island.

Language: English 

Duration: 93 min

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Amalia Córdova
New + Emerging Media, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution
Latinx Digital Curator

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David Hernández Palmar
CLACPI, The Wayaakua Indigenous Audiovisual Foundation of Venezuela
Loreto Bustos Hernando
Fanny Huc
IFF Panamá

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