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Little Things Say So Much – Making a Short in COVID Times

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While feature films can take many years to complete, short films are quicker to realise and give freedom to experiment creatively. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and affected people all around the world, filmmakers Mohammad Reza Eyni and Sara Khaki started making a short documentary about their experience in quarantine from their home in Teheran. They found a partner in The Guardian to release the film on their digital platform, where it has gathered over 100.000 views in the past months. Our Iranian Lockdown captures a moment in time in an intimate, personal way, that resonated with audiences all around the world.

In this podcast, Head of Documentaries Lindsay Poulton at The Guardian speaks with Mohammad Reza Eini and Sarah Khaki about their experience working together on this short and what it means to connect with audiences in a time of isolation and disruption. You can watch “Our Iranian Lockdown” on The Guardian platform.

Language: English 

Duration: 49 min

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Lindsay Poulton
The Guardian
Sara Khaki
Gandom Films Production
Mohammad Reza Eyni
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