Talks and Events

Talks and Events

In connection with our film programme invite our audience to join us for various talks. Admission to most of our discussive programming is free. We look forward to welcoming you!
DOK Speaks Up

During the festival’s film selection process, we can already see emerging themes and topics that we are sure will raise discussions beyond an ordinary Q&A. Our curated dialogue series invite for moderated round table discussions with filmmakers that address these dominant subjects in the competitions of the current festival edition.

Admission to all DOK Speaks Up talks is free. Two of this year’s discussions take place onsite in Leipzig. We will upload full-time recordings to our Media Library following the events. The third DOK Speaks Up talk will be online only via Zoom and streamed live to our Facebook channel.

Ein Schwarzweiß Foto einer Frau in einem Hochzeitskleid
Deconstructing the Image

Colonial legacies are visible in many images, texts, and stories, inviting filmmakers today to deconstruct and re-imagine the narratives in their works. How is it possible to use such images against their original intentions and to dismantle the narratives they contain?

Guests: Sylvaine Dampierre, Riar Rizaldi, Shireen Siro
Moderator: Borjana Gakovic
Language: English

Online via Zoom und Facebook
27 October, 12:30

Porträt einer jungen Frau in einem Hoodie mit Kapuze. Sie raucht eine Zigarette und blickt lässig-nachdenklich in die Kamera.
Talk in German Language
Elephant on the Wall

How does the presence of the camera change the situation in the room? Why is the illusion of documentary immediacy still so common? How can documentary film work with the documentary paradox of not being able to be a “fly on the wall”?

Guests: Arne Büttner, Ole Jacobs, Jakob Krese, Katharina Pethke, Johanna Seggelke
Moderator: Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Language: German

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
28 October, 14:00
You’ll find the recording in our Media Library following the event.

Zwei Schwarze Frauen sitzen auf dem Boden eines Hauses, eine untersucht den Schwangerenbauch der anderen. Im Hintergrund streckt eine Kuh ihren Kopf durch die Tür.
Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Many directors document places and communities they do not originate from. How can these films avoid portraying the protagonists as the Other? How to address the outsider’s point of view?

Guests: Daniel Abate Tilahun, Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Anna-Sophia Richard, Elleni Sclavenitis 
Moderator: Borjana Gakovic
Language: English

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
29 October, 14:00
You’ll find the recording in our Media Library following the event.


Porträt von Avi Mograbi. Er blickt ernst in die Kamera, hinter ihm sind mehrere Monitore erleuchtet.
The Filmmaker Is Present
Masterclass Avi Mograbi

We take it for granted that auteur film shows the imprint of its creator’s personal style and position. But the creator haunting the film – not as a discreet interviewer or commentator, but as a singing ghost or a substitute protagonist, that is part of the “Avi Mograbi method”. The guest of our 2021 homage explains how and why he uses it.

Watch the Masterclass

Mary Stephen sitzt an einem analogen Schneidetisch zwischen zwei Filmrollen. Sie blickt auf den Film, den sie in ihrer Hand hält.
Editing Makes the Film
Masterclass Mary Stephen

How many films can be composed from the same material? We are introducing the renowned editor Mary Stephen, juxtaposing her own cut with that of the director – “Odoriko” versus “Nude at Heart”, director’s cut versus editor’s cut. Where, between menial craft and creative co-authorship, does she see her role?

Watch the Masterclass


Talks in Connection with the Retrospective

The Jews of the Others. Divided Germany, Distributed Guilt, Dissected Images
Archivaufnahme: Ein Mann tippt sich mit beiden Händen an die Stirn und holt tief Luft. In der einen Hand hält er eine Zigarette.

With the division of Germany, Hitler’s empire finally disappeared from the map. But in the new states, the old Germans lived on: perpetrators and onlookers of the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. For both the GDR and FRG, dealing with the Holocaust became a moral touchstone – a standard by which they measured themselves and their neighbour. In our Retrospective, we look at German-German alternating and counter views, at films about guilt, at images of “Jewishness” that show “Germanness”. 

Two weeks before the festival starts, we give an introduction into this year’s programming of the Retrospective. We will show two documentary portraits – Mendel Schainfelds zweite Reise nach Deutschland (BRD 1972, 43 min) by Hans-Dieter Grabe and Dawids Tagebuch (DDR 1980, 27 min) by Konrad Weiß – and discuss them with the filmmakers, who will be joining the event. 

The Preview is moderated by film historian Ilka Brombach (Film Museum Potsdam). The event will take place in German language.  
Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
12 October, 19:00 
Free entry

Blick aus der Vogelperspektive in den Gerichtssaal des Eichmann-Prozesses 1961.
Presentation: Eichmann and the Cold War on East and West German Television

Public historians Tabea Georges, Vivien Gidde, Linda Graul, Anna Kokenge and Irmgard Zündorf and media researcher Judith Keilbach present news reports from East and West Germany that reveal how the Eichmann trial in 1961 was instrumen- talized in media reporting by the ideological opponents of the Cold War.

Polnisches Institut
27 October, 18:00
Free entry

Animation Perspectives: Claudia Larcher_Randa Maroufi

DOK Leipzig explores the potential of animation, setting up a direct dialogue between two out- standing artistic positions and personalities, even though animation is not at the foreground of Claudia Larcher’s and Randa Maroufi’s video works. But: It conceals and reveals, blurs and marks aesthetic and social transitions.

Cinema full of visitors who are looking to a white screen.
Susann Jehnichen
Festival Opening and Award Ceremony

For both our festival opening and the award ceremony of the Golden and Silver Doves, we offer a limited quota of tickets. If you want to attend one of these events in Leipzig, hop over to our programme and secure your tickets!

Festival Opening
19:00 CineStar 8
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