DOK Education

DOK Education

Zwei Jugendliche in weißen DOK Pullovern hantieren mit einer professionellen Kamera.
© Susann Jehnichen
We offer students and teachers the opportunity to get to know documentary film as both a cinematic genre and a content medium.
Two people in front of the big red curtain on a stage in a full cinema.
School screening of My Selfie 2019
Jana Mila Lippitz
School Screenings

With our school screenings, teachers and students can watch selected documentaries and animated films together at the cinema. Before these screenings our DOK Education team visits the participating classes for a preparatory lesson, and afterwards there is a detailed discussion with the filmmakers.

You can find more information and a list with all films presented in our school screenings on our German “DOK Bildung” page.

DOK Education

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Drei Jugendliche in weißen DOK Pullis beugen sich über eine Kamera
Susann Jehnichen
DOK Spotters

You’ll meet them at all DOK Leipzig spots during the festival week: the DOK Spotters are our youth editorial team. Each year, a group of young people aged between 14 and 20 years come together to familiarise themselves with editorial processes, report on the festival and create their own articles. The participants are accompanied by media professionals. Their newspaper articles, online postings, videos and radio features are published on the DOK Spotters Blog and in various partner media.

Four children in movie seats are looking excitedly at the screen.
Susann Jehnichen
Kids DOK

Kids DOK offers films for the youngest festival visitors of DOK Leipzig. Every morning during the festival week, we show mixed programmes of animated and documentary films for children from 3 to 14 years of age.

This programme is aimed at day care centres, schools and families and offers a diverse mix of films with a wide variety of topics, compiled for the respective age group. As with the “big” audience, filmmakers from all over the world are invited for the Kids DOK programmes to talk about their films.

We will publish our 2020 Kids DOK dates and screenings beginning of October together with our entire film programme. 

Further information about the activities of DOK Education can be found on our German-language site.

DOK Education is part of the DOK Nachwuchs programme and realised in co-operation with the SLM
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