Extended Reality: DOK Neuland

Extended Reality: DOK Neuland

Welcome to our exhibition DOK Neuland! From 10 to 15 October, we invite you to experience ten XR works unter the title “Nowhere Is Only Somewhere”.
Das Motiv zur Ausstellung DOK Neuland 2023 zeigt eine Karte mit vielen Linien. Nach genauem Betrachten lässt sich dort das Wort "Nowhere" erkennen.
© Stefan Ibrahim
Nowhere Is Only Somewhere

At the end of the day, every Neuland is the same. The world is constantly changing, but its discouraging structures remain. However, “the world” does not even exist. What is understood by it is a vast and complex, even contradictory system of perspectives and realities. We know about the enormous issues of the present: The list is long, and the buzzwords fill all the headlines. Entrenched structures and rigid beliefs are preventing future generations from embracing the future with confidence. The old, long surpassed by realities, is reproduced, consciously or unconsciously.

People’s fear of change leads them to close their eyes to the obvious. In fact, the pain and suffering of the individual should be the smallest common ground for collective responsibility. Desire is emerging for healing, for overview, for managed and secured pathways. The prognoses present at times such an eerie dystopia that we are right to be frightened. Still, a pro-active future is not a utopia, but an act of strength. Those who remain passive cannot shape it. It is up to us to ask how we want to use human resources in the future and whether the future we are moving towards is truly the one we want.

The selected XR works delve deep into racist and discriminatory narratives for this year’s exhibition. They address war, coloniality, and repression. And patriarchal and heteronormative power. From the unease, the fear, and the torturous death of those who did not belong to the grey majority. On the one hand, we experience how these rigid systems legitimise themselves. But we also experience the resistance of people for whom resignation is not an option.

The exhibition invites us to find playful and intuitive approaches to others and to form a collective identity based on shared thoughts and ideas. We are allowed to witness, feel community, and take collective responsibility for ensuring that no fate is forgotten. Is it even possible to create commitment here? DOK Neuland does not offer to contemplate in immersive worlds. Instead, we call for exiting the matrix in our minds. In the end, despite everything and perhaps because we have little left to stand on, we remain hopeful.

Opening Hours

Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK)
Katharinenstraße 10, 04109 Leipzig

Free entry

Tue, Thur – Sun | 11:00–18:00
Wed | 12:00–20:00

Subject to the General Terms & Conditions.

Please be advised that due to a limited number of visitors allowed in the venues longer waiting times are to be expected. Thanks in advance for your patience.

DOK Neuland Team
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Lars Rummel
Johanna Gerlach
Marie Hinkelmann
Technical Implementation
Paula Gehrmann
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DOK Neuland is part of the DOK Nachwuchs programme and is realised in cooperation with the SLM.
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