Extended Reality: DOK Neuland

Extended Reality: DOK Neuland

Motiv DOK Neuland 2021: Eine Schüssel mit vielen kleinen runden Doppelschaltern steht auf der Seite und ist kurz vor dem Umkippen. Ein paar Tropfen Wasser schwappen über.
Our exhibition format for XR works is dedicated to disorderly circumstances. Control, perspective seems lost, even more so in times of pandemic. But did order ever exist? And was it always good?

For the first time, visitors can experience the XR works on-site at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig and at the same time online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.
Chaos Is a Condition

In the midst of a global pandemic, the illusion of control and order is falling apart, revealing the chaos beneath, like a collective painful wound, and giving rise to longing: for healing, for a clear perspective, for guided and secured paths. But has there ever been such a thing? Was there ever a moment when the world was not in constant change? Have our lives not always been the plaything of circumstances?

But perhaps too much has come together: growing inequality and omnipresent capitalism, the questionable weight of the dominance society and the eternally neutral centre now forced to take a position, the shift of life’s realities to the digital realm, postfactual knowledge formation following unclear agendas. And the climate crisis, which could put an end to the whole thing anyway. At the same time, the resources of strength with which we bring down the chaotic conditions to a bearable level are highly individual. They sometimes elude our grasp by their complexity, our control by their unpredictability. So why not make it easier on ourselves and accept chaos as the normal state?

Chaos is not only a state but also a condition, a stage of latency. Which means that something, if not something better, may come of it. Every dystopia here has the chance to rise to utopia. Every exhaustion can be recharged with new creative energy, severed connections and broken resonances remain repairable. Because where uncertainty reigns, transformation is also possible at any time. And what would we know of the beauty and comfort of order without chaos?

Our exhibition is dedicated to precisely these moments of transition. The selected works create digital spaces of experience for the unknown and the unplanned. They present alternative strategies for facing the world without negating real conditions. Accepting chaos opens the way to other worlds: with more imagination, intuition, spirituality and serenity, which might lead to more community. Let us not try to tame chaos but let us imagine what it makes possible: no chaos, no change! But how to get one’s bearings in an exhibition about disordered conditions? Together with the artist Paula Gehrmann, we have developed a scenography that turns the exhibition space into a place of experience where we can reassess our relationship to chaos.

Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK)
Katharinenstraße 10, 04109 Leipzig

Free entry

Tue, Thur – Sun | 12:00–18:00
Wed | 12:00–20:00

For accredited guests: Tue, Thur – Sun | 10:00–12:00

Subject to the General Terms & Conditions and pandemic protection measures of Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig. Please be advised that due to a limited number of visitors allowed in the venues longer waiting times are to be expected. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Online Access to the Exhibition

For the first time ever, the works presented at DOK Neuland will be available on-site in the exhibition space and online at the same time. You can discover them from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home, using your own headset, from 26 October to 14 November 2021.

VR experiences on Viveport

In collaboration with HTC Vive we provide access to the VR experiences via the platform Viveport. The link will be available from 26 October.

360° Films on Youtube

You can watch the 360° films of the exhibition on our brand new Youtube channel. You don’t need special VR equipment to experience the films, but it is possible to use a headset if you have one. 


DOK Neuland Trailer 2021

DOK Neuland Curator

Lars Rummel

interactive [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de

The 2021 exhibition is supported by

DOK Neuland is part of the DOK Nachwuchs programme and is realised in cooperation with the SLM.

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